Antabio’s Novel Metallo β-Lactamase Inhibitor to be presented at the ASM Microbe Conference, June 20-24, San Francisco

Two presentations will focus on Antabio’s ANT2681, a novel Metallo β-Lactamase Inhibitor that restores the efficacy of Meropenem against clinical strains of NDM-producing CRE

Antabio SAS, a private biopharmaceutical company developing novel antibacterial treatments focused on drug-resistant infections, announced today that it will present ANT2681, its new Metallo β-Lactamase (MBL) inhibitor, at the ASM Microbe Conference on June 20-24, in San Francisco.

Antabio’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr Martin Everett will be delivering a talk entitled “ANT2681, a Novel Metallo β-Lactamase Inhibitor That Restores the Efficacy of Meropenem against Clinical Strains of NDM-producing CRE” at the New Agents Discovery Summary Session on Friday, June 21, 2019, at 08:30 am (Room 207/208 South).

In addition, Prof Jean-Denis Docquier from the University of Siena will be presenting a poster entitled “Interaction of the Metallo β-Lactamase Inhibitor ANT2681 with NDM-type Enzymes Shows a pH Dependent Potency and in vitro Antibacterial Activity” on Friday, June 21, 2019 starting 10:30 am (Exhibit and Poster Hall, P429, poster reference: FRIDAY-AAR-LB-12).

“At Antabio we are dedicated to developing a pipeline of novel antibacterial treatments to address infections caused by WHO’s priority pathogens and fill important gaps in the antibiotic armamentarium” said Marc Lemonnier, Ph.D., CEO of Antabio. “We are thrilled to be presenting our latest data on ANT2681, a promising MBL inhibitor with strong potential to address the growing problem of NDM-CREs, at ASM Microbe. Alarming new prevalence data from Canada and the recent outbreak in a Dutch Hospital confirms that NDM is no longer a hypothetical threat to global health -it’s already amongst us. And it won’t stop spreading.”